Intel Says Low-Cost Laptop

Intel's plan for the system, reported earlier by Reuters, comes as the company is promoting a broader effort to promote the concept of $250 portable PCs it calls "nettops." That plan is largely based around the use of a forthcoming line of low-cost microprocessor chips that carries the new brand Atom.


Things Geeks Do For Spring Break

HAHAaa.... Some what believe in that

11. Plays three man with eight-sided dice instead of D & D
10. Party like it's 1999 and you have to fix legacy code for the y2k bug.
9. Finally get around to cleaning out the keyboard
8. Down beers at tavern in Stormwind
7. Secretly plot destruction of jocks on beaches with orbiting laser cannon
6. Star Trek, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings movie marathon
5. Organize virtual coffee-stained T-Shirt contest
4. Create a new Linux distro
3. Enjoy better bandwidth now that everyone is out of the dorms.
2. Road trip to Kennedy Space Center
1. Master "Through the Fire and Flames" on Expert

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