Top things to be aware of after upgrading to iOS 8

  1. Monitor your phone battery usage by App.
    Find the bad apps :)
    Settings -> General -> Usage -> Battery Usage
  2. Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> Share my Location is turned ON by default.
    • This will share you location with your Friends/Family members in Messages and Find My Friends apps. Truning this off will save your battery.
  3. Location-Based iAds
    Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services-> System Services -> Location-Based iAds is turned ON
    • If ON then it will serve you location based Ads in Apps instead of generic Ads. Truning this off will save your battery.
    • This is how my current System Services locations settings are.

  4. Turn off email PUSH.
    This is one of the biggest battery "drainer". Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Fetch New Data
    Turning Push to OFF will save lot of battery. You can always move important work email accounts to check periodically instead of Push.
  5. Limit Ad Tracking
    Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Share My Location
    Turning this off will "limit" not prevent from tracking for Ads. Turning this On will help.
  6. Turn OFF location tracking apps.
    Settings -> Privacy -> Location Service. Turn off apps like Facebook, Twitter and other apps which uses your GPS location in background. You can leave apps like google maps to serve you directions while driving!
  7. Installing App updates automatically like Android
    Settings -> iTunes $ App Store -> Updates.  Turning this ON will download App updates automatically.
  8. Hey Siri
    Settings -> General -> Siri. Turning this ON will enable your phone to activate Siri when you speak "Hey Siri" without press and hold the home button. Note: this will work only when your phone is plugged in.
  9. Adding 3rd party keyboards system wide.
    Settings -> General -> Keyboards -> "select the 3rd party keyboard you want to apply system wide."
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Enjoy iOS 8.