Open Cygwin with right click. No registry edit is required.

This tweak will allow you to open Cygwin via right click. No registry edit is required.
Assuming that you have installed Cygwin already.


On Win 7:
1. Download Cygwin Setup.exe and install chere package.
2. Right click and Open Cygwin as Administrator.
3. type "chere -i"  or "chere -i -t mintty" if you would like to use Mintty which I personally prefer.
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Anonymous said...

Awesome help!!

Anonymous said...

$ chere -i -t mintty
Shell defaulting to sh defined for MP
/usr/bin/chere Error: Unknown shell sh

Supported shells:
ash bash cmd dash fish mksh pdksh posh tcsh zsh passwd

$ echo $SHELL

$ getent passwd

$ cat /etc/passwd

$ cat /etc/shells

Anonymous said...

Sorry - I meant to ask - could you please tell me how to make my default shell bash as apposed to sh? (if that is in fact what I need to do)

Yishai Gronich said...

You made my day.

Yishai Gronich said...
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ankit said...

Hi Yishai Gronich, Glad it helped you.

Anonymous said...

Perfect, I am impressed how easy it works. Thanks a lot

Pedro said...

Thanks from Portugal! (this post still rocks in 2016)

ankit said...

Thanks @Pedro..yay!

Apuru A said...

Thanks al lot , you saved day.

Oo^sai^oO said...

For me I had to 'Run as administrator' on cygwin.bat and type the following command, I had to mention bash as it was not able to understand the shell it is supposed to use.

chere -i -s bash